A Next Chapter looks different for each of us. But it feels similar.

It's about growth and purpose. Meaningful work. An inner knowing that fulfilling your potential and making a difference isn't optional. It's essential.

Perhaps yours may involve:

  • Leaving your corporate role to follow your heart
  • Starting a business or refining and expanding the one you have so it's a better fit for the woman you have become
  • Creating a non-profit or charity

My book, Your Next Chapter - ditch your doubt own your worth and build the business you really want" is your first step in a new direction.

It's a guidebook for women who feel that life's too short not to be doing the work in the world you're here for.

It's the book I wish I had to help me understand my discontent, shape my desire, hurdle doubt and take my ideas out into the world with a lot less angst when I embarked on my own chapters in the past.

In its pages, I'll take you by the hand and walk you through the change cycle that will move you from where you are to where you want to be.


  • Travel away from DISCONTENT
  • DECIDE to go after what you DESIRE
  • Hurdle your DOUBT
  • And confidently DESIGN and DELIVER your ideas in a business that’s perfect for the woman you have become

Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn tangible, simple and effective practices to move through fear and doubt and out of the comparison trap that can keep you stuck doing what you can do, rather than what you really want to do.


Carolyn Tate - Purpose Educator & Consultant

“Angela is such a beautiful and brilliant writer. I love her tone, irreverence and deep honesty and compassion. I felt like she was sitting right beside me sharing her heart and soul urging me to share mine too. Women need this book, because for too long we’ve not been true to ourselves or our calling. We’ve been struggling under the weight of the roles we've been conditioned to believe we're destined for - wife, mother, worker, housekeeper and the list goes on. We all have something greater inside each of us and if it remains unearthed we will never fix the problems our world is facing. If every woman on the precipice of a new chapter in life, had this book, imagine the world we could live in?! Just imagine”. 

Louise Laffey - Creator of The Wish

“There’s something very special about discovering a book that speaks straight to your Heart. It tells you that its author is a kindred soul, a fellow traveller who has ridden the waves of life's lessons with honesty and grace and tapped into a deeper, innate wisdom that calls out to be shared.

Your Next Chapter is a must-read for anyone who dares to live the life they know they are truly capable of living! “

Lynn A. Robinson - Author of Divine Intuition

'If only I had the confidence, I’d start my own business.” How many of us have said those words to ourselves? Angela Raspass has done a fabulous job of providing a road map — both practical and philosophical — to help you move forward and create the success, abundance and happiness you deserve. So, if you’re tired of staying stuck in inaction, read this book. The world needs your contribution now more than ever.

Barbara Huson - Wealth Coach & Financial Therapist

“This brilliant book lays out a clear path to confidently move through the discontent and doubt that’s holding you hostage and into the purpose that’s calling you. It’s an affirming blend of practical wisdom and inspirational guidance that will empower you to release your remarkable ideas into the world and live your greatness. Read it today!”  

Samantha Leith - Speaker & Coach

“I've been waiting for Angela to weave her magic into a book for years, and it's been worth the wait.  It's like holding a giant thought-provoking conversation in your hands. You can hear her guiding you with each word. This is an extraordinary tool to inspire change and help you create your amazing Next Chapter”.