How do you work out what you want_

Purposeful, meaningful work...

If you want your work to have an impact, to feel purposeful and meaningful, you're in great company. That's the desire that calls you into Your Next Chapter.

It can be common to get stuck doing the work that you can, but not necessarily the work that you really want to do. Your desire for change can be hampered by self-doubt, comparison, and procrastination. Change without support can be challenging, no matter how strong your desire.

 It's time to start a new story

  • Perhaps it's because you've outgrown your old business vision and are ready for change, for something that's
  • Perhaps it's because you are just OVER the corporate world and want to start your own thing
  • Perhaps that’s because you’re emerging from taking full-time care of your family or others who’ve been depending on you and you can now turn your focus to your business, to grow and expand it
  • Perhaps it's because you've come through illness, separation, divorce, addiction or trauma and you’re battle-scarred but stronger and more insightful and with a strong desire to share your message and to infuse this experience into the heart of your business.

Whatever your catalyst, it's time.

Women creating their purposeful next chapter business

It starts with acknowledging your discontent.

Discontent is a sign. It's an invitation to change and expand, and it can come from an internal drive - a feeling of "I want more now, I'm ready" or an external prompt - often a feeling of "I want to do something about that".

And so you might find yourself in the "Deliberation Zone", oscillating between discontent with what is and desire for what may be, with doubts, fears and misbeliefs keeping you stuck.

A decision sets you free.

Where are you on your journey?

Wherever you find yourself, I have the next step for you to take, get started with a copy of my book, enjoy the bonuses and begin or refine your Next Chapter business.

Then explore the Business Masterminds, Retreats, VIP Strategic Planning days and personal mentoring I provide through my personal site, or, if you'd like to chat, book a breakthrough session with me.

"Life is not just about being inspired.
It’s about how you inspire others to see themselves"