Angela Raspass Business Mentor & Coach for women

Who am I and what do I believe in?

Hi there, I'm Angela Raspass, a Business and Life Mentor, author, speaker, podcaster and self-worth advocate.

I know how a journey into the next version of you looks and feels like.

I chose not to go back to what were pretty restrictive work hour rules in the corporate world more than 21 years ago when my son was born. That decision was reinforced when my daughter came along.

I chose the path I've found many women take - I took my skills from that career and used them in new ways. Marketing, events, sales background? Become a freelance marketer for small businesses!

The market responded beautifully and over time I created a great little marketing agency with an office in Chatswood and a small, committed and talented team.

But by 2012 I realised I'd built a new form of restriction. My own values and life experience had changed immensely and this business was no longer a good fit for me and my new vision. And I was really tired of putting Cameron and Charlotte in before and after school care as I scurried to and fro, feeling like I wasn't a good enough mum, wife, employer or business owner.

Letting go again, this time at 42 wasn't easy. Starting a new path, the pivot from consulting to mentoring, speaking, podcasting, and hosting retreats served up new challenges.

But I loved them and I have thrived in my next chapter.

I believe in the woman that you have become.

I believe in new possibilities. In evolutions, not revolutions. In progress, not perfection.

I believe in you, and your ideas, the contribution you are here to make.

I want to help you move through doubt, value your experience, and build your self-belief. I want to help you with developing a clear vision and how to bring that to life.

Why did I write this book?

Because I wasted far too much time stuck in The Comparison Trap and all it's should’s and musts, doubts and difficulties, detours and derailments, believing that what I really wanted to share and do with my work was not possible because compared to so many others I was not...

Smart enough or strong enough.

Qualified enough or distinctive enough.

Confident enough or knowledgable enough

Just. Not. Enough.

With the benefit of Kindsight, I can now see that I was clearly in the Discontent Stage of the Next Chapter Change Cycle, hamstrung by doubt. But at the time, I didn't have the insight or awareness to see this. I was just in pain and uncertainty.

When I finally developed the courage to let go, respond to my desire and make the leap into My Next Chapter in 2012, to create and build the business I wanted rather than stay in the one I thought I was limited too, the feeling of joy, relief and subsequent expansion confirmed it was the right decision.

My motivation to write was to help encourage other women to not stay stuck for as long as I did. To believe in themselves and take the leap. And to have simple, clear guidance around how to do that, and then what to do when you land again.

Your Next Chapter - ditch your doubt - the book by Angela Raspass
magic happens

Magic happens when you choose to trust yourself. When you define success by your own values, not anyone else's. When you align purpose and possibility with positive action. The ripples you create then help and inspire others in ways they never imagined. Ways that you never could have imagined earlier in your life.

Next Chapters are often characterised by significant shifts

  • Shifts from ambition to fulfilment
  • From should to could
  • From success to satisfaction
  • From obligation to contribution
  • From maybe I can to yes, I'm leaping!
  • It’s all about e x p a n s i o n and it's exciting and scary and challenging and freeing all at the same time...

Are you ready for a new possibility?

You can start today - listen to the first chapter of "Your Next Chapter - ditch your doubt, own your worth and build the business you really want" and then order your copy from this page.

I'm sure you'll find it very worthwhile.




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The "Official Bio"

Angela Raspass is a Business and Life Mentor, Speaker, Podcaster, Founder of the Self-Worth Institute and the author of "Your Next Chapter - Ditch your doubt and design the business you really want".

In 2003, after a corporate career in marketing, events and sponsorships, she launched a marketing agency from her dining room table and grew it to point where she bought an office on the northside of Sydney and had a small, full-time team, taking care of small to medium-sized businesses in three states.

By 2012 Angela realised she'd created a business that leveraged her skills and experience but no longer fully engaged her heart. It wasn’t a fit for who she had become, a woman utterly changed by overcoming addiction, reconnecting with her worth and developing a new vision.

Once you’ve written a new story of enoughness, and know your value, once you change from the inside out, it can never be "business as usual" again. Closing her agency and pivoting from consulting to mentoring, Angela now shares a potent blend of personal and business development tools that help her clients, unearth, live and work by what's true for them too, building businesses that blend contribution, fulfilment and financial reward.

Angela lives in Bayview, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with her husband of 25 years, and daughter. Their son is studying at ANU in Canberra.

"Life is not just about being inspired.
It’s about how you inspire others to see themselves"