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Meet Karly Nimmo

I’m just south of Byron Bay, in a little seaside village called Lennox Head. Originally from Melbourne, I found myself up this way after meeting my now-husband, at Splendour in the Grass in 2003.

We have a confident and energetic 6-year-old daughter and a black Kelpie X who has never spent a night on his own – he’s 11.5. Family is important to me, as is my own space. I walk the beach every day and prioritise a lot of chill time.

What business are you currently running?

Killer Kopy – my voice over agency (est. 2005)
Radcasters – podcasting school, coaching and producing
Karly Nimmo – my personal brand stuff… coaching, retreats, workshops and anything else I feel called to.

Assuming you are now in “Your Next Chapter”, what led you here? Was there an internal discontent or an external issue you felt strongly about that prompted a change in direction?

I’ve had so many chapters in my life, I’m always in some kind of next chapter. There’s always some kind of change happening for me.

I love to keep moving and evolving.

What did you find most challenging about getting started/moving in a new direction?

For me, it’s happened organically. New beginnings are relatively easy for me – probably because I’ve had a lot of experience with them. The endings are often harder for me.

Accepting that something isn’t working and letting it go. As soon as I’ve done that, up pops a new beginning.

What have you found most fulfilling?

This adventurous life. Giving myself permission to be who I am and not apologise for that.

This is the thing that has helped me find my own version of success and pay it forward to others.

Have you experienced self-doubt? What causes it to flare and how do you work through it when it hits?

Yes. I feel like self-doubt is a natural part of the creative process. It usually creeps up just before I am about to take a leap of some kind. Create something new. Here comes the doubt.

And if I can recognise it as part of the process, and not allow it to derail me, shortly after clarity and flow arrive.

Agitation is a natural part of the birth of anything new.

How do you feel you have grown since you started?

In so, so, so many ways. I started out very doubtful and taking everything personally.

Now I feel like I take things in my stride and I know I’m okay wherever I am. I am confident – in my knowledge, in my expertise, and in my wisdom.

I see my own value – where I used to question it. A lot.

Have you developed any particular habits/strategies that facilitate getting things done in your business?

Many. I’m a systems kind of person. So if I’m going to do things over and over, I’ll make a shortcut – put a system in. Big on streamlining.

This gives me the space to be able to prioritise rest and chill time. And run everything else on the fly. I’m best when I’m in the moment.

Planning is not something that works particularly well for me.

Why do you feel women in the 40’s and beyond make fabulous entrepreneurs?

Yes! Oh my! Yes! We have so much experience and expertise. We have lived. And we have reached that part of our life where we start to give less and less fucks.

We are the ones. Wise and with lived experience.

What would you say to other women who are standing on the edge of their own Next Chapter, not sure if they can take the leap?

Find a way to ease in. It might sound and look like I’m a leaper, but I like to dip my toes and slowly make my way in.

I follow a path of least resistance. A big leap isn’t for everyone. If it’s not for you, wade in.

You don’t need to make a big splash to make a big impact. But standing on the edge pondering is getting you nowhere.

What’s next for you? Share your vision with us!

No idea. That’s the exciting bit! I will go where life leads me and where I’m invited.


When I’m facing a something new and challenging I…
go gently and kindly, or rip the bandaid off – depending on my mood.


I know my greatest strengths are…
my intuition and my voice.


The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…
do what you love and the money will follow (thanks dad)


Some of my favourite books are…
The Definitive Guide to Human Design


My favourite podcasts are…
My own. Hahaha and Conspirituality


My favourite business tool or resource is…


My favourite quote is…
This too shall pass


Not many people know that I…
was the local celebrity for a MacHappy day. Haha


You can connect with Karly here.

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